Why FSC Certification is Important to Us

Today, the term sustainable development has become an integral part of any business activity. Businesses are focusing more on providing environmentally friendly products by using eco-friendly materials in processes or as finished products. No business should ever claim that it uses environmentally friendly products unless it is backed by some certification. If a business does make a claim without having any certification, customers don’t often take the business’s word for it. An FSC certification is an important certificate provided by Forest Stewardship Council, which is an international non-profit organization established in 1993. Being FSC certified shows that your business complies with the highest social and environmental standards on the market.

For those of us at Jet Label, FSC certification is very important to us – and here’s why.

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Foil and Embossing: A Strategic Way To Design Labels

Foil stamping and embossing spell “luxury label design” like no other. With the help of modern design techniques and trends, foil & embossing can compliment any kind of brand and give it an upscale look.

Embossing to Create Texture

Embossing is the perfect technique for creating texture. Embossing a label helps create a soft yet super tactile texture that will impress your customers. The use of texture can be elegant, fun or simple. For a fun brand, use polka dots, stripes or stars. For a more elegant feel, try a filigree. When using an emboss over a larger space on your label, you may even go rather simple for the rest of your design because the texture will create a beautiful complexity.

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Peel And Reveal: A Clever Labeling Design Must Try

Information overload is a real thing for consumers. Are you intending to create a product label that contains more than a handful of information for the end user? How do you make a label with so much information, but keep your label visually appealing? Peel and reveal can help you save on high packaging costs while maintaining a unique and pleasant product design that perfectly matches your brand. By using Peel and Reveal, you can keep your label looking clean and interesting while also providing additional content behind a peel-away window.

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Make-up Label Truths: Understanding What Your Makeup Label Says

Oil Free, All-Natural, and Long-Lasting – these are just three of the many claims most makeup labels display. Chances are you have read some of these phrases on your favorite brands, and maybe you have even chosen a brand because of these claims. For many, these are the key terms that they look for when picking a new make-up brand. But what exactly do they mean?

Unfortunately, many of these terms don’t guarantee much since they aren’t regulated. As the buyer, in the end, it’s your responsibility to read ingredients and research the brand beyond the one-liners on the label. Let’s go into a little more detail behind some common claims.

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What Do Product Labels Really Mean?

Are you thinking of buying that product whose label says it is made from all natural ingredients? Isn’t it tempting to purchase the product that claims it is going to help you lose ten pounds in a week? Whether these products can deliver their promises or not, it is important that you carefully consider the items that you buy.

Food and other product manufacturers are forbidden to make false claims about the products that they put out on the market. This step is to ensure the health and safety of consumers. So before you jump to buy only the items that have healthy spelled out on their labels, here are some of the terms that most companies use in their product labels and what they truly mean.

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Customized Labels: How Do They Add Value To Your Marketing?

Product labels can easily become an underused tool when it comes to product promotion. Although it’s the first thing they see when consumers look at store shelves, some marketing teams can easily overlook a label’s potential as a tool to introduce marketing campaigns to the customer.

Did you know that some of the most successful marketing campaigns incorporate label changes in their campaign? Here are some ways customized labels can become a useful tool to help your product marketing:

• Run a holiday campaign

Changing up a product label’s shape, colours or material can add a touch of a new theme to your existing branding. Add a note with a hashtag or a QR code linking to your website and you can create an interactive label that celebrates a certain special time of year.

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Jet Label is Excited to Share Acquisition with Clients & Community

The acquisition of Challenge Label – Kelowna has Jet Label co-owner Darrell Friesen very excited.

“We now have the capacity and equipment to make the best label in Canada and for our customers that means they will receive the product they are very happy with. The printing is perfect every time. The quality is unmatched and the image is incredibly vibrant,” said Friesen.

Earlier this year, Friesen and co-owner Rod Froment made the decision to purchase additional digital press equipment. They have now invested over $5 million in the past 4 years to buy the state-of-the-art machinery which will enable them to continue to grow their label manufacturing company.

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How Do You Label Ice-Cream?

A consumer has many choices when it comes to choosing an ice cream. Flavour, brand and colour are just some of elements that come into play and since it is often an impulse purchase, a label can make or break the opportunity to sell your company’s product.

A well-designed ice cream label is necessary to communicate the details of the ice-cream, make the container look attractive and convince the customers to purchase. We’ve written a list of some of the things that we, at Jet Label, consider for your container label to ensure that it is the best it can be.

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Who Needs Waterproof Labels?

Who wouldn’t want their labels to last no matter what conditions it endures? Almost every entrepreneur that aims to succeed is looking into the use of waterproof labels for their products. This is to ensure that their product labels withstand all types of conditions, dry or wet. However, the materials required to waterproof your labels can increase your costs, so if you’re on a budget or if you’re a start-up you may consider forgoing the waterproof labels for your first few label orders.

No matter your desire to cut costs, there are still a few products that absolutely need waterproof labels because of the conditions they will be exposed to. In order to know if you will need waterproof labels, you need to think about the entire lifespan of your product. Where will the product be stored before it’s sold? How will it be transported? And lastly, what environments will it be exposed to after it’s sold? Let’s take a closer look at some of the products that almost ALWAYS need waterproof labels.

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Common Challenges Pharmaceutical Labels Face

The pharmaceutical industry has one of the toughest challenges when it comes to labelling. The information needs to be highly accurate for medical professionals and consumers to understand the drug. If the pharmaceutical labelling is not done right, it leads to medication errors, which leads to higher medical costs, or worse the cost of a life. The attributes 33% of medication errors to labelling and packaging issues.

So what are the common problems and challenges faced when it comes to labelling?

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