Have a jam, jelly or sauce company and wondering where to begin with labelling your product? Labelling these kinds of bottles isn’t an easy task. You need to be creative and have personalized labels for the jars if you want to stand out on the store shelves. By being creative with your label, your jam’s bottles will be more attractive and that will help to market your product better. Here are few tips that our team at Jet Label follows to make your jar labels the best they can be.

Colour of the Label

The colour of the labels should compliment the product. Jam, jellies and sauces are usually stored in glass jars, so the colour of the contents inside the jar is easily visible. Therefore, using the same colour labels as the jam won’t be a good idea. Use complimentary colours, but make sure they are different than the product.
At the same time, ensure that the colour you choose is indicative of the product for quick and easy selection by the consumer. For example, peach colour could be used on the labels for jams made from peach or shades of red for strawberry jams.

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