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FAQ: Implementing RFID Tags for Inventory Tracking

The use of RFID tags and labels for increasing visibility in the supply chain and ensuring real-time tracking of merchandise is growing exponentially. From E-commerce giants such as Amazon applying RFID systems to increase their delivery speed to Disney World’s creation of MagicBands to enhance their customer experience and interactivity, RFID solutions are finding utility across every vertical of the industry.

However, many business owners are still indecisive regarding the switch from standard tracking systems to RFID technology due to its relative anonymity. If you are uncertain whether RFID is right for your business, here are a few questions about RFID applications that can help you make the right choice.

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How To Design Product Labels

When talking about label design, the hot question in any designer’s mind is always “Will it stick out on the shelves?”. If you imagine a place on a crowded supermarket shelf in your product’s future, it is important that you have a product label that customers will notice and remember. When the branding sticks in their minds, the products will always be sold. But how do you make a product label design REALLY shine, especially when paired up against its competitors?

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Why Isn’t Your Tape Sticking

When you need to transport your products to other places, it is essential that you have a proper packing. This ensures that the goods are not damaged in transit. If the packing is faulty then you at the risk of suffering losses. One of the problems you face while packing the materials is that your tape may not stick. Why won’t your tape stick?

Unclean Surface
Ensure that the surface is clean from dust or any oily substance. The surface needs to be washed properly. You could try using rubbing alcohol to clean the surface and then let it dry before you stick the tape – that usually helps. Also, check that your hands are clean when you apply the tape. The dirt on your hands can affect the adhesive.

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Augmented Reality Label: Link it Up!

From regular lifeless labels to products that seem to come to life in your hands, the world of augmented reality has found a new home in product labels.

Since consumers have already found their way through the convenience of online and mobile shopping, it’s a no-brainer that marketers can begin to bring these concepts into their printed product labels. The use of augmented reality can take the elements of online shopping and instant gratification that consumers prize and bring it into a printed label.

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Jet Label, Western Canada’s Largest Manufacturer, to Double in Size Following Acquisition of United Label Company in Vancouver

Jet Label & Packaging Ltd., Western Canada’s largest producer of labels and printed tape for a broad range of industries, has acquired United Label Company of Coquitlam, BC, a suburb of Vancouver. The additional space and production capacity will allow Jet Label to double in size over the next two years, during which time additional infrastructure investments will be made to the newly-acquired facility.

United Label’s facility currently operates four conventional flexographic presses ranging in width from 7–10” and 3-8 station color capabilities, as part of a fully capable manufacturing facility with a wide variety of slitters, rewinders, finishing systems, and inspection systems. Over the next 18 months, Jet Label will be adding to this lineup with new machinery and, as needed, additional personnel. Jet Label’s Edmonton facility, which operates 24/7 across three shifts, utilizes two state-of-the-art HP Indigo Digital presses along with 12 traditional flexographic presses ranging in width from 6–20” and 3-10 color station capabilities.

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Why FSC Certification is Important to Us

Today, the term sustainable development has become an integral part of any business activity. Businesses are focusing more on providing environmentally friendly products by using eco-friendly materials in processes or as finished products. No business should ever claim that it uses environmentally friendly products unless it is backed by some certification. If a business does make a claim without having any certification, customers don’t often take the business’s word for it. An FSC certification is an important certificate provided by Forest Stewardship Council, which is an international non-profit organization established in 1993. Being FSC certified shows that your business complies with the highest social and environmental standards on the market.

For those of us at Jet Label, FSC certification is very important to us – and here’s why.

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Foil and Embossing: A Strategic Way To Design Labels

Foil stamping and embossing spell “luxury label design” like no other. With the help of modern design techniques and trends, foil & embossing can compliment any kind of brand and give it an upscale look.

Embossing to Create Texture

Embossing is the perfect technique for creating texture. Embossing a label helps create a soft yet super tactile texture that will impress your customers. The use of texture can be elegant, fun or simple. For a fun brand, use polka dots, stripes or stars. For a more elegant feel, try a filigree. When using an emboss over a larger space on your label, you may even go rather simple for the rest of your design because the texture will create a beautiful complexity.

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